Kindle Fire: The review

Reviews on Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is one of the many low-cost tablets that are now starting to hit the market.
The device has attracted particular attention, because many people think that Amazon is a company that has the muscles to be able to cope with Apple’s iPad dominance on the tablet market.The truth is, however, that the two products with widely different features and prices do not necessarily compete for the same customers.

The device was released this week, and already the first reviews begin to be published in the US tech media.The ereader runs Android, but it’s Amazon’s own graphic design.You get it for the money. The device costs just $ 199 in the US while the cheapest iPad costs $ 499 on the US market.

For the $199 you get a seven-inch tablet that runs an Amazon edition of Android on a dual-core processor.You also get Amazon’s own Silk browser, which provides faster load times when you surf because it utilizes the company’s cloud computing power. Battery life is some hours worse than on the more expensive tablet models, and the eight gigabytes of internal memory that can not be expanded are also not impressive.

But the price must of course be taken into account when the verdict is to be ruled out. It does the reviewer as well. first experiences with the device, among other things, had a lot of trouble with the screen keyboard.

“… it’s not good for us. This may be because the keyboard has an unknown size – bigger than a smartphone, less than an iPads – so our fingers may need to practice adjusting to the size of seven- Inch screen’s virtual keyboard, “.

“While the device is fast and nice when scrolling in certain places, there are other things – like opening books – remarkably choking,” writes a technician at kindle customer service phone number, adding, however, that device changes well between landscape and normal viewing.

Is the  device worth the money?
“According to the technician, the judgment is that the device is definitely worth $ 200.”It’s a fully-fledged tablet that feels good in your hands and has a respectable display.” But here, the praising words stop as well.

“Compared with other tablets, Fire can not compete. Its performance is sometimes slow, the interface is often clumped, there is not enough storage, and the functionality is limited and the seven-inch screen has too many limitations if you hoped to convert all Your paper-magazine subscriptions to digital, “.

PC Magazine is excited about Amazon’s tablet and assigns it a grade of four out of five.

“The ereader is a bit of a good experience. It’s the first cheap, user-friendly tablet for general purposes. It does not replace iPad, it complements iPad, it’s bigger, stronger, more expensive and has far more apps. “

“I can not put enough emphasis on the ease of use. More than anything else, it has kept non-iPads back.” Amazon found the solution. “Longer, it’s not like that,” reports the technician
The argument is that performance, user interface and flexibility are not good enough.To know more about it, you can visit here.


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