Ready to be introduced to a low-cost e-reader that you will marvel on?

Kindle is the only device with which you can enjoy your journey

You can buy many things out of 60 bucks but what is the thing (a device)  that you get maximum value for money? It’s a Kindle e-reader! I know it’s a long shot but if you look at it from a particular angle you will reach the same conclusion as I reached.

You can read thousand of books on it and store even more books. Its screen is a completely revolutionary technology that you can read on without any glare or discomfort on eyes. It’s basically like reading a million books on a single book what could you ask more from a 60 bucks device?

But of course, you will get a much better reading experience (at least more luxurious) if you are ready to shell out more money. For example for 110 bucks, which is almost double the “less luxurious” Kindle, you will get additional features. Likewise, for 170 bucks and for 270 bucks which are for Paperwhite and Oasis model of the e-reader respectively, you get more and more advanced features that you do without also but with their help, you can get a better reading experience.

But now the question comes: who on earth would spend 270 bucks for an e-reader when he can get it with 60 bucks? Isn’t 170 bucks which is the price of for Kindle Paperwhite, too much already?

Kindle customer support answered that Amazon’s 2014 model looked very cheap and was also made out of very bad quality plastic that made it look like a cut-price device. But the company, fortunately, revamped its basic eReader

Kindle technical support stated that It is still made from plastic, but it’s lighter, skinnier chassis goes a long way to make it feel more upscale, especially since its overall thickness of 9.1mm now comparable to the depth of the current Paperwhite. Likewise, its minimal weight of 161g makes it really easy to handle when you get sucked in for a long reading session.

It is also the first time the simple Kindle is available in two colors – black and white. But, I’d recommend against opting for white, as it is distracting when you read on it and it doesn’t let you be lost in the book rather it would cause hurdles in your way of reading. And also my experience with it hasn’t been nice as after just three days in my backpack, there were visible gray marks where it had been scratched against other things in my bag, and it even picked up a bit of red from my coat on the back. These aren’t the type of marks you can just rub away with your thumb, either, so I’d recommend sticking with the regular black version if you want to keep signs of wear and tear to a minimum.

Design aside, the basic Kindle is an excellent book-substitute. It’s 6’’  screen is very responsive to touch, and the only thing you need to do to move to the new page tap either side of the screen. Using it with only one hand isn’t a problem, either. Whether or not you’re right or left-handed if you can reach the center of the screen, the pages will keep turning.

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