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Easily Switch in Between the Kindle Reading and Listening Apps

Amazon kindle fire Customer Service Phone NumberAmazon has released an e-book reader and named it as kindle. It is one of the most selling product of amazon and is used by a large number of people worldwide. People are engaged with its services as they feel it quite interesting. There are several great features of this amazon product and one of them is one can not only read books online but also can listen to those books. Everyone must try out this great feature. But if you are finding difficulty in using this service then one can contact the amazon kindle technical support team. They will guide you how to do it easily.

The company has recently updated apps for Android and iOS support instant switching between the listening and the reading. That feature is pretty cool as one can listen to a book while driving the car, then switch to the text reading when you get home and want to keep reading without any hassle. Some simple steps are also provided in the article below. Read those steps, it will make you understand how to make that switch.

Step 1: A person can enjoy this service if he or she is having the Kindle app installed on your mobile phone but also the audible app. But according to the latest technologies, the Kindle app has already built in of audio tech, and due to this reason the app itself is not required to be installed in the device.

Step 2: There are many books that you have downloaded on your device which are not upgraded with the audio feature. So, one must check it out that which of the books are available in the audio version. Try out those audio books with a freebie. Some of the books that are currently offered by Amazon are the classic “Black Beauty” for Kindle at zero prices, which are narrated by the professionals also at no charge. As soon as you will buy the book then you will see a button that will allow you to “buy” the narration as well.

Step 3: As soon as the Kindle app will be loaded one needs to open the “Black Beauty”. Then, tap anywhere on the screen so that the options menu will appear, in the lower-left corner a headphone icon will be displayed. Click on that icon, and then press on the blue download arrow on the alternative screen. Through this the download of the audio books will be started with the associated file.

Step 4: When the download of the audio books will be completed, a familiar-looking set of play controls will be displayed on the screen. The big blue triangle icon will be used to play/ pause, so click on that icon to do so or either of the quick-skip buttons to go forward or back with increase of 30-second.

Step 5: If a person wants to return to the text version, click on the icon similar to the little book which is available in the lower-left corner of the display screen. The books and audio editions stay in sync, this is the reason a person will always be at the right position as one jump back and forth.

As mentioned in the article above, it is necessary to use the headphones while listening to the audio books but an alternative option is also there that will allow you to listen to the audio books without connecting the headphones and that is by connecting the device with your own speakers weather it’s an airplay or a Bluetooth speaker. When you will connect the headphone or speaker to the device, a pop up window will appear on your screen.

All these steps provided above will help you in setting up all the things. But sometimes a situation occurs where one needs to contact kindle customer service so that all your problems will be resolved without any hassle. The customer support team available online consists of highly qualified and trained professionals who are experts in solving any kind of technical problem and will serve you with instant results. Latest technologies and advanced tools are used by the professionals to deal up with the customer issues. The team is available to help you 24*7. Different kinds of technical issues are cleared up by the team. All your problems will be fixed up at one call and there is no need to go anywhere. Enjoy the hassle free services with this e-book reader and say goodbye to all your tech issues.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of Kindle unlimited ebook subscription

Know the advantages and disadvantages of Kindle unlimited ebook subscription

Since the launch of Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription in July 2014 the amount of books has grown from 640 thousand to 1.4 million. But is this the unlimited offer of books that its name suggests?

one of the right questions that you should ask yourself before subscribing is “how many books that would be offered to me would i be interested to read?” instead of asking yourself “how many books can i read per month?” These question will surely help you to take the right decisions.

In the beginning Oyster and scribe ruled the ebook landscape. They claimed their catalogs to include over 1 million books but with advent of Kindle unlimited there was a major paradigm shift and Amazon’s publishing system became more popular but there is one downside to the service is that you won’t find books from the big publishing firms such as Hachette, Penguin and HarperCollins.

With Kindle unlimited you are going to save your money as you would be reading a $12.99 ebook for $9.99. You can get a title by Kindle Unlimited instead of buying this book. The service already good to go for people reading one book a month.But as mentioned previously big publishers and re above $10 are excluded from this deal. At the same time you get a lot of books costing between $0.99 and $4.99.

The books found in Kindle Unlimited are always within Amazon ecosystem what that means is that titles are either published by authors with KDP self-publishing platform or published by one of many Amazon imprints.

One very important thing to note is that Kindle unlimited and Prime are different services and they are easily confused as both services are provided by Amazon and both have to be subscribed and also Prime members enjoy unlimited access to digital content. Many people calling the Kindle Customer services confused the unlimited subscription with Prime.

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Did Kindle Fire really had the fire we expected?

Did Kindle Fire really had the fire we expected?

Kindle Fire was launched with much hype and with the promise of it being the “premium product at non-premium price” and thus Amazon, the maker of kindle, started a battle to enter the tablet computing market. But has it stood tall to its claims?

In terms of price no one has yet beaten KIndle Fire it’s priced at $199 which is fraction of cost that is borne by the customers for Apple’s iPad which has dominated the tablet market so naturally the kindle becomes iPad’s nemesis. Amazon is giving away it  black and white kindles at dirt cheap price which is just $79

Till now Apple boasts to be almost alone in the ring. Although South Korea’s Samsung,  Canada’s RIM and America’s Hewlett-Packard has been competing with Apple but Apple’s share in the market of tablets is still huge. Think tanks of the industry are of the opinion that almost 75% of 64 million tablets thought to sold last year are sold by Apple alone but there is a catch to Apple’s share of tablets in the market, Amazon’s Kindle has been slowly stealing the share of pie from Apple.

Kindle Fire which was launched in the U.S in 2011 had its follies. It doesn’t have a mobile link but just the WiFi and thus there were a lot of complain that went to Kindle Fire customer service  The device’s screen has a 7 inch display which is smaller than an iPad’s screen. It even doesn’t have a camera so you can forget about video-chatting. For such a device a call to Amazon kindle fire Customer Service Phone Number was considered a must. The quality of of graphics is pretty decent

On the other hand we have Kindle Fire’s positives. First comes its price. The cost of an iPad is $499 whereas cost of a Kindle fire is only $199. The biggest positive of the kindle is that

with a kindle you can access terabytes of movies, TV shows and songs which Amazon has kept in their cloud. Talking about cloud, Amazon has given free cloud service to Kindle’s users. Users can store all their digital content in the cloud thus 8 megabytes of inbuilt storage is not a matter to dread upon. Considering all the positives and negative I would give Kindle 5 out of.

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