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Now it is Easy to Publish Your Blog on Amazon Kindle

Amazon kindle customer service phone numberAmazon has released an e-book reader that is one of the most selling product now-a-days. There are many services that this product provides in your day to day life. One can also do some interesting things using this e-book reader. Some of those interesting thing is as follows. The product provides the ability to subscribe on the device and read the blogs that you like on the go. Amazon has launched its Kindle publishing for blogs program. Using this program one can also publish their blog on the device that can be read by the others. To use this program one needs to sign up their device. If the user is facing any kind of trouble in using this program or any other tech issue, then they can easily take help from the Amazon kindle fire Customer Service Phone Number.  This device has changed lives of people who use it. It has filled their lives with quality while saving money for them.

Sign up to another account to publish blogs

One of the first thing that can be done to use this program is that create a separate account. The account you are using currently isn’t enough. To use this service, one needs to provide all the financial details that are necessary like your tax ID number, bank account details, etc. If a user doesn’t belong to United States, then there are some issues that are faced by them. Some of those issues are listed below. Just have a look!

Receiving Compensation

A person will not be able to make lots of money through their work. But don’t worry too much as amazon will serve you with fair outcomes. If one talks the outcomes in figures then it will be around $0.99 or $1.99 per month for most of the blogs out there. No ways will be provided to you to distribute your blog for free.

Even a person will only get 30% of the subscription revenue of the amount he or she is paying. Something is better than nothing. So, try it out for another source of income.

As most of the people out there are not using the services of this e-book reader from much time. They are new to use its services. To help those users,kindle customer service phone number team is available online. The team consists of highly qualified and trained professionals who are experts in solving any kind of tech issue. Even if you are facing the trouble in using the program mentioned above then you can take help from the customer support team. They will help you and will guide you in solving the issues for the next time of your own. The service providers take full responsibility of the errors fixed up by them. If the results doesn’t satisfy you, then they won’t charge you anything. They are genuine and even the services they provide are also helpful and satisfactory. So, call them anytime you need help.

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